Growth excellence arises from continual education and learning. Invest in the skills of you and your team with our professional sales training programmes. 

All of our training workshops are delivered by seasoned industry experts.

The training workshops we offer include:

  • Sales & business development
  • Customer Service 
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Presentations and Pitching 
  • Leadership 
  • Bespoke Programmes for Foreign Executives 

We understand that every team is different and every business owner has different objectives so we design tailor-made programmes that address your specific needs.


Our training approach combines group discussion, case studies, individual practice and strategy activities to provide new insights and give delegates the opportunity for developing the right

mindset and skills.

We also run a number of open sessions you can book on-line. Check our training shop. 

The learning techniques used, appeal to the four thinking styles that brain science indicates support learning absorption across people with a range of personality preferences: 

  • Clarity on the long-term relevance of the learning 
  • Rational, data-backed input to learning points 
  • Practical exercises to bring learning to life 
  • Social learning experiences shared with colleagues

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London Business Academy


Training & mentoring programmes are delivered directly through our daughter brand, London Business Academy (LBA).

Here at LBA we strongly believe that businesses are more effective when their leaders are knowledgeable, able to communicate across cultures, and focused on their ultimate goals. Fresh ideas, new ways of looking at things, experience-based solutions, specialist skills, and the latest expertise are the fuel for future business success.

Partnering with NatWest since 2017, LBA has supported over 100 London SMEs by offering seminars, talks, and consultancy services.