We believe the challenge with investment is two-fold.


For startups, it is crucial to obtain the investment in a quick and efficient way.

For investors, assurance and minimising the investment risk, are crucial.

Most common investment warning signs:

  • Lackluster products

  • Lack of vision & strategy
  • Lack of research
  • Lack of traction
  • Bad business model

  • Most startups fail (yes, that's the fact) = tremendous risk

Our solution offers an independent & unbiased verification

I am a startup

See your startup through the eyes of an investor.


Most investors commit to a deal before the comprehensive due diligence that’s often part of the initial phase. However, it happens they find issues or things you failed to disclose and in such cases, deals often fall apart. 

I am an investor

Get a crystal clear picture of what you invest in and its potential. 

Analysis and key qualitative and quantitive data to help reach the best decision.